Dr. McCullough Closes the Case on Mass Formation

“There’s simply too much evidence on our hands.”

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Doctor Peter McCullough breaks down the four criteria that are being or have been met to prove out Mattias Desmet’s Mass Formation Psychosis theory.

“The term that’s used and this is I think, pretty tractable is called mass formation, mass formation psychosis. And the belief is that I think this is cohesive, that the vast majority of doctors are in the formation. And what I mean by this is that Mattias Desmet, at the University of Ghent in Belgium, has this construct. And we’ve seen it before in mass suicides, like the religious cults,” he said.

“It clearly happened in Nazi Germany. And the mass formation is four criteria. The first is a prolonged period of isolation. That happened. The second is having things taken away that people used to enjoy that’s happened. The third is constant free-floating anxiety. Constant. Like President Biden right before Christmas, saying it’s going to be a dark deadly winter for the unvaccinated. Can you imagine a president said that to our seniors when they didn’t have Christmas last year, and that’s what he that’s how he rolled it up for them this year. And then number four, is that there must be a solution or sets of solutions that come down from an entity of authority of the federal government. And so we’ve actually fulfilled all four criteria.

And what DeSmet says is how do you know we’re in mass formation? Because when we see things going on that are absurd. The absurdity of it, people wearing masks driving alone in cars, people wearing masks swimming in Olympic swimming pools. These types of things. But let’s talk about some serious absurdity. The World Health Organization says not to use Remdesivir in the hospital because it results in more deaths than giving the placebo and injures the kidneys and the liver.

And our hospitals as a matter of routine in the United States, including hospitals right here in Fort Worth, the first thing they’ll dial up for patients is Remdesivir. That is absurdity. It’s absurdity that in 20 countries, it is a government-recommended protocol to use ivermectin immediately and treating COVID-19. In over 30 countries, hydroxychloroquine. 16 non-governmental organizations support it. And the American Medical Association in the United States has a Campaign to abolish the use of Ivermectin. ABOLISH IT. The absurdity of this.

Now we have vaccines. We have vaccines, where the vaccines are only indicated to prevent the development of COVID. That’s what they’re indicated in doing. So there are people at the suggestion of their doctors and government authorities that have already had COVID. And what are they doing? They’re taking a vaccine. It’s too late. It should be absurd to take a vaccine for something you’ve already had.

So you can see that we’re in mass formation. And the answer to this is, I think a lot of smart people, doctors, and lawyers are even worse than doctors. They’re in the formation.””

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