Dr. Karol Lieberman: “7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get the Jab – Especially Kids!”

This not-to-do list is definitely a must-read!

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Dr. Karol Lieberman M.D., M.P.H, shared her list of anti-vaccine advice, that many of the radical left would associate with as an anti-vaxxer. While, she is obviously a scientist, and bases her opinions and conclusions on research and statistics!

To give you a fuller image of who she is, here’s a short bio. She’s a Board-Certified Beverly Hills psychiatrist. She is also a bestselling and award-winning author of several books and has written chapters and forewords for books including Missing Without a Trace, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Tragedy in Sedona, and Divorcing a Narcissist.

Here’s the list:

“1-Ever wonder why Biden (whose approval keeps falling) is doubling down on unpopular vaccine mandates? Now he’s levying huge fines on private companies, as well. Think he really cares about your health? No. He’s trying to destroy the economy to make way for socialism.

2-Does it make sense to push people harder to get vaccines when two drug manufacturers have just come out with pills to treat Covid19? No. Indeed, it seems as though the specter of Covid becoming as accepted and benign as the flu is what’s behind the rush to jab us before we realize it’s not urgent nor necessary.

3-No child left behind!? The FDA has now approved vaccines for kids 5-11 – and these are mandated in some areas! This is child abuse. The public hasn’t been told the truth about side effects in adults – now they’re not being told about debilitating effects in kids! The risk of kids dying from Covid19 does not support this all-out war on families. And when kids do get side effects, the vaccine manufacturers and others have immunity from liability! Yet, some are not being allowed in school, or in after-school activities, restaurants, etc. if they don’t have proof of vaccination. The research is scanty for adults, it’s non-existent for kids because kids have growing organs, so there has been no determination that they are safe 5-10 years down the line!

4-Courageous people nationwide are quitting their jobs rather than being forced to be vaccinated! Police, firemen, EMTs, nurses and other medical staff, truck drivers, and other employees are standing up to the unconstitutional mandates – despite losing pay and a job they loved. These Americans are to be applauded – it’s the mandates that are not only making life more difficult.

5-If Biden was really concerned about protecting Americans from Covid19, he wouldn’t have opened our Southern borders nor flown in tens of thousands of Afghans. Not only have most of these people not received a vaccine, but some have also even tested positive. He’s sending them nationwide to infect us all – and create a new panic for vaccines! And as if this wasn’t enough, he’s opened the doors to allegedly vaccinated tourists. Even vaccinated people can pass on Covid19, including new variants.

6-We’ve been lied to from Day 1 by hypocritical power-hungry despots who are using Covid19 and vaccine mandates to get us used to become ever more submissive via: lockdowns, masks vaccines, passports! Meanwhile, they don’t follow the rules – from Obama’s birthday bash to Newsom’s French Laundry fiasco. And Fauci, whose lies are uncovered more each day, has pretended to be looking out for us when really he’s been looking out for himself all along.
7-Every day, more of our freedoms have been stolen by the Biden administration – including the freedom to decide what goes in our body. First, they used the ‘carrot’ – enticing us with everything from pot to pizza, then came the ‘stick’ – vaccine mandates and passports. Our bodies are the final frontier! Once we give up control of what goes in our body, we are in full Orwellian 1984!”


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