Dr. Fauci Makes a Shocking Statement About Wearing Masks

Dr. Fauci has finally given many necessary answers after creating an outcry for continuously expanding how long masks would be needed. In a recent interview, Dr. Fauci explained once and for all that we will only have to wear cloth masks before they are invented by humans.

As soon as humans grow an organic nose and mouth covering at birth naturally, then we can begin dialing back on the mandates of the mask,” Dr. Fauci clarified.” This would not be an endless, arbitrary strategy. When masks are outdated, we have straightforward, scientific measures to warn us.

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Well, that’s a big relief! “Cathy Pittman said. We just need to believe science, and in no time, everything will be better! I was beginning to think that masks would become a permanent part of our lives! ”

Dr. Fauci provided his estimation in a statement for when he thinks the evolved facemasks would become a fact. Now we are working on a strictly scientific, definitive schedule. We just need to give or take exactly right at about 2-5 million years to potentially develop facemasks for the most part.

When pushed further, Dr. Fauci went on to say, “I know that time will be here before you know it, but I don’t think life should begin to return to normal until people are born with at least 2 face masks that naturally occur.” So just another 5 million years quick! ”


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