Dr. Fauci: COVID Will NEVER Go Away – Despite the Vaccines!!!

Vaccines AND boosters are being currently promoted in the States, under a direct BIG influence by Fauci himself.

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And he goes out in public, stating this…

But hey, look on the bright side of prudence – at least we’re finally getting some CLEAR answers!

Obviously, they don’t want to only change the meaning of the word vaccine and booster shot – but to turn the whole thing upside-down. The majority of vaccines are exactly that – once-in-a-lifetime thing. But not Fauci’s COVID jab… No, sir.

While appearing on “Meet The Press” this weekend, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that he doesn’t think that COVID-19 will ever go away in the United States. This comes as concerns of the omicron variant of COVID-19 grow.

“We certainly are not going to eradicate it,” Fauci said. “We’ve only eradicated one virus, and that’s smallpox. Elimination means there’s none of it in the country like we have now with polio and with measles. I don’t think we’re gonna be there with this.”

“What I do think we will be able to do is get a level of control that’s low enough that it doesn’t interfere with our function. It doesn’t have a major impact on society and what we do,” he added. “It’s not going to go away. The lower we get it, the better off we’ll be, and you get it that low when you get the overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated and boosted.”

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