Dr. Ben Carson: Why Ivermectin-using African Nations Have Low COVID Mortality

Drugs are the biggest sign of political orientation. As well as vaccination ‘aginst’ the CCP virus.

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Media shows, media pages, even music and actors. Everything is segregated nowadays!

“Even applying politically correct thinking to the anti-ivermectin set would get them deemed racists who are calling black Africans horses — animals, in other words — as this drug and HCQ are used widely by people in sub-Saharan countries. Notably, these nations also happen to have low rates of COVID-19-induced death, a phenomenon that should interest anyone concerned about tackling the disease.”

“One man certainly interested is Dr. Ben Carson, one of our time’s most renowned physicians. Appearing on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show Sunday Morning Futures this past weekend, he mentioned that we should research why this tropical-nation/HCQ-IVM/low-COVID-mortality correlation exists. (It certainly would be more productive than making the “un-vaccinated” today’s lepers and dividing America along shot-haves and have-nots lines.)

Carson’s comments came in the midst of an interview about how the Democrats are blaming rising crime on the coronavirus situation and how Dr. Anthony Fauci has lied to Congress about funding gain-of-function research. “It’s unfortunate when medicine begins to mix itself with political ideology,” lamented Carson; “things become very illogical at that point.”

The doctor proceeded to say that we should not be one-dimensional when tackling SARS-CoV-2 but should investigate therapeutics and other remedial avenues. “Let’s not have tunnel vision and say, ‘Just everybody get the vaccine!’” he stated. It was then that he mentioned Africa and IVM/HCQ.”

Watch the video below:

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