Doug Logan, CEO Of Cyber Ninjas: There Are ‘74,000 EV33 Forms That Did Not Have Matching EV32s’

The head of Cyber Ninjas gave a statement that concludes the whole audit – slamming the Dems and proving that the Republicans were right – this nation chose differently than what is currently being pushed as true!

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The CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the organization that was hired to do the audit in Arizona, claims that “74,000 EV33 forms, for ballots received by Maricopa County, did not have matching EV32.” Or, in other words – they have never been sent!

The Arizona State Senator, Wendy Rogers posted Doug Logan’s statement via her personal Twitter account.

“This was brought up in the context of justifying why we should do canvassing because the situation didn’t make any sense,” Logan continued. “Canvassing would give an explanation as to what was happening here, and if anything was wrong or if there is a good explanation for it. If Maricopa County officials were answering questions, as in a normal audit, they would’ve had an opportunity to explain. However, even if they’d give us an explanation, as auditors we would then need to validate if their response logically explained the situation.”

Despite the clear evidence of the disparity between EV33 forms and their matching EV32s, many mainstream news outlets are still playing under the strict orders of the Liberals, continuing to downplay the potential repercussions.  Senator Wendy Rogers was even blocked by Fox News host Brett Baier, for calling out on him on his biased coverage of the Maricopa audit. Senator Wendy wasn’t the only politician to do that.

Do the media and news outlets enjoy more freedom and power than they should? And how to prevent this?


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