Double-Jabbed Aussie Goes Nuclear Over Mandatory Third Shot

So, it’s not just the anti-vaxers that are against the vax, right?

People, double-vaxxed ones (and even triple vaxxed) are starting to finally wake up from the madness of lies and the health risks they’ve exposed themselves to, due to those lies.

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Speaking at a media conference today, Victorian premier Dan Andrews revealed to the Australian people that the national cabinet had been debating making the COVID-19 booster shot mandatory to be labelled “fully vaccinated” in the sovereign country.

This is not an option, not an add-on, not ‘a good thing to have.’ I think we’re close to a change in policy that will simply reflect the fact that in order to be fully protected, you need three doses, not two plus an optional extra, to in fact be fully vaccinated. You need three.

“We can all be proud, as a Victorian community, that 93 per cent-plus of us have had two doses. We need to make sure the number of those with a third dose grows every day. It’s a common-sense thing. We need to make it easier for people to get that third dose, and I think Victorians will absolutely do that.”

Unlike his comments, this woman wasn’t eager to get yet another jab when the first two have shown to not stop the spread or one from contracting it.

Watch the viral video and an honest confession of a straight-thinking woman.

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