Don’t Be Silly, Nothing’s Over Yet! Here Are The Things That Are About To Happen!

wickedness and lunacy everywhere you turn in the States…

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And, if you think that the world is about to end, you’re not far from the truth.

But also, here are some other predictions on the near future, that sound really shocking, yet, are based on facts and observations.

According to Doctor Vernon Coleman, these are the possible case scenarios for the nearest future of our homeland.

“Prediction 1:

Despite the available evidence proving that the jabs will kill and cause serious health problems, I fear that children in the UK are going to be injected with the toxic experimental substance which will make many of them ill. Pfizer says their jab is safe for children and it has been approved for 12-year-olds, so the fact-checkers and the BBC also say it’s safe.

Teachers around the world want children to be jabbed. What the hell it has got to do with them is beyond me – they surely can’t all be homicidal maniacs. And children will be given the right to decide whether they are jabbed. No one cares about informed consent. Anyone who jabs a child with this gunk will eventually be arrested and jailed as a criminal.

You may remember that the BBC further betrayed the British people by broadcasting a disgraceful video by an American called Devi Sridhar – who, like most of the people advising governments on health matters, is not a medical doctor. Ms. Sridhar assured the children that the jab is 100% safe. No pharmaceutical product has ever been made which is 100% safe. Was this an error resulting from appalling ignorance? Or was the error deliberate? I can’t think of a third explanation. The BBC, having betrayed the people, published a mealy-mouthed correction without mentioning Sridhar – who is, unbelievably, disgracefully and indefensibly apparently still an advisor on covid-19 to the Scottish Government. How the devil can that be? Does Sturgeon know she is receiving advice on covid-19 from this woman – who has praised the Gates Foundation and has worked with Chelsea Clinton? Why didn’t the so-called fact-checkers attack the BBC? Sridhar should have been damned by every journalist in the world. As far as I can see, she got away with it. How many children will die because of the little video the BBC broadcast? A hundred? A thousand? How many people did Dr. Shipman kill?

Incidentally, I challenge the BBC to produce the name of a single expert they’ve used who does not have links to the drug industry or to Gates or to the Government and who is not, therefore, open to accusations of prejudice. The BBC is, rightly, more hated than at any time in history. No one should pay the BBC license fee – avoid it legally, of course, but don’t give them a penny. They, like that pathetic, down-market tabloid rag The Guardian, have financial links with the Gates Foundation.

Astonishingly, a woman who helped create one of the jabs was given a standing ovation at Wimbledon. No-one associated with the design or production or sale or prescribing of these experimental jabs deserves anything but our contempt. Saying that is probably illegal too.

How many children will die as a result of being jabbed with a toxin that doesn’t do what most people think it does to protect them against a danger which is almost certainly no more of a threat than lightning for children?

You can see them preparing for the jabbing. `More pupils sent home as covid disruption soars’ was one headline recently. It’s so easy to fix these figures – you just mess around with the PCR test.

No one cares that it has been shown that a strong immune response is what protects young people from covid-19.

Prediction 2:

The pressure on the unvaccinated will mount dramatically. Public Health England has already said that restrictions are more likely to end if 70% of adults have been jabbed. In Wales, the Government’s advisors say that the figure is 80% so maybe the coronavirus is different in Wales. Or maybe the advisors are just making stuff up.

The media will be persuaded to demonize all those wise enough to reject an experimental and unnecessary vaccine. The first minister in Wales has said that restrictions and vaccinations would be required for the foreseeable future.

No one seems to bother that it is the vaccinated who should perhaps avoid airplanes and strenuous exercise and probably need vitamin D supplements. The unvaccinated should avoid airplanes that are being piloted by pilots who have been vaccinated. Passengers should take a parachute with them if they do have to get into a plane.

Prediction 3:

The number of deaths in 2020 was lower than in the number of previous years – especially when you realize that the population has risen dramatically. But the number of deaths will rise in 2021 and 2022 because of people dying of health problems that haven’t been treated. There are estimated to be 12 million people waiting for hospital treatment in the UK. That’s 1 in 5 of the population. Many of those will die unnecessarily because the NHS has committed suicide. It is now merely a pointless bureaucracy. The daily death toll from cancer is usually 450. It will soon be far more than that. The lockdowns, and other wicked nonsenses, will result in well over a million extra and early deaths from cancer and heart disease in the UK alone.

Patients wanting dental treatment are being told they have to wait three years to see an NHS dentist.

And, of course, statistics from around the world, as reported on, show that weekly deaths in many countries have climbed after vaccinations. All coincidences of course. As I’ve said before the only pandemic in the world is the pandemic of coincidence. Two BBC presenters who’d been vaccinated died ‘after a short illness. Is that now the synonym for vaccine deaths?

Prediction 4:

Flu is going to come back big time in the autumn and the winter. They’ll blame us for not social distancing. They’ll say that covid is coming back and that new variations are responsible. But the increase in flu deaths will be inevitable. Natural immunity has more or less gone. Masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and jabs have destroyed it. And pathogenic priming will mean many deaths among the vaccinated. It will be a reason to insist on permanent masks, social distancing, and rules. They were never going to allow there to be a permanent end to any of these things. This is a long-term program of control, forcing us into eternal servitude and damnation. The commie woman’s advice will be followed. I fear that they will bring in tougher laws to control those who do not or cannot wear a mask. Some hospitals are already breaking the law by insisting that visitors wear masks – even if they are exempt.

Prediction 5:

I’ve been warning for many months of a massive rise in inflation and it is coming. Printing money was bound to create massive national debts. An unofficial currency devaluation is inevitable. Bankruptcies are going to increase massively. Even the Bank of England has finally admitted that it expects a surge in inflation. Inflation will be welcomed by politicians because it will further damage individuals and small businesses and boost the power of the State. There is a wide misunderstanding about inflation. Here’s an example. In 1931 you could rent a house in the English countryside which had 5 reception rooms, 17 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a garage, and four cottages, gardens, a lake stocked with trout, and 1,650 acres. You could rent that for £375 a year.

Inflation in the UK in the 1970s hit 27% and it was a steal if you could borrow money at 15%. How many people could pay mortgages at 20% today?

Unemployment will soar when the crazy furlough schemes come to an end. Nearly 10% of pubs and restaurants have already closed. I reckon that will be near 50% by Christmas. Maybe more.”

You can watch his thorough statement in the following link:

Do you agree with him?


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