Donald Trump With a Blissful Statement on Tiger Woods

Former President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he assumed that even after his serious car crash, golf hero Tiger Woods would be playing again.

On Tuesday in Los Angeles, Woods was involved in a serious rollover accident that involved only his car. He is confirmed to have severe injuries to both legs and surgery is needed.

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But noted golf enthusiast Donald Trump told host Katie Pavlich Tiger of Fox News that she will bounce back.

Pavlich noted that Woods had earlier been awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Trump.

“You also talked in that speech about how he is a comeback kid and how he has been able to overcome a number of obstacles,” said Pavlich. “Maybe after that, we will see him on the golf course.”

Trump said, “I hope he’s overcome a lot, but he’s had an incredible life, and he’s going to continue to have an incredible life.”

“But he’s going to recover from this now and it’s pretty bad on his legs, I understand,” said Trump. “And he’ll figure out a way, you know.”

added Trump. “But he is an incredible guy. He is a great guy, apart from everything else.

For a long time, I knew him, and he was always great with me, and I always felt the same with him, and I always liked him. Are you knowing? “Said Trump.

Trump said, “We had good chemistry and always have and I’m just you know, I’m a fan of his and he’s just incredible as a golfer,” he said.

“He was the fourth golfer to receive the Medal of Freedom,” Pavlich noted.

“He is a very respected individual,” Trump praised Woods. The other players are so revered, they idolize him.


Trump has said that Woods will return.

“And he’ll be back. I have no question about it,’ said Trump. “He’ll be back.”

“He’s certainly made comebacks before,” agreed Pavlich.

Woods made an improbable return on the pro tour just last year. The golf legend awarded his fifth Masters in 2019 following four back surgeries and a host of controversies.




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