Donald Trump Relays Urgent Message: There Is ‘Massive Fraud’ in Arizona

Former President Donald Trump praised conservative news outlet One America News for revealing what he calls “massive fraud” in the 2020 election, despite the fact that mainstream media outlets have largely ignored the topic. Meanwhile, he claims that he encounters several people who are deeply worried about the problem in real life.

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“Everyone asks me that. ‘What’s going on in Arizona?’ they ask. They want to discuss election tampering. The feeble Republicans are adamantly opposed to discussing it. Call them the poor, the dumb, or the RINOs [Republicans in Name Only], but that’s what the Republican voter wants to hear,” Trump told OAN.

“They’re interested in hearing about 2020. Is there something that should be handed over, they want to know. You must return the diamonds if they rob a jewelry store of all the diamonds and are apprehended. They’re curious about what’s going on. The Republican voter is looking for a novel. “Weak Republican politicians don’t want to talk about this story because they believe it will damage their political careers,” Trump said.

Trump continued, “There was an expression that I’ve heard, that you’ve heard, for many years — the vote counter is much more critical than the politician, or the person running for office.” “And that was the case for the presidential election in this case. It’s very unfortunate that this could happen.



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