Donald Trump Jr. Destroys Cuomo With a Public Statement

On Fox News on Monday, Donald Trump Jr. blasted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), pointing out the Democrat’s double standard in the wake of his sexual assault scandal.

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“They would have perp-walked Andrew Cuomo into a courtroom by now if he were a Republican governor,” Trump Jr. said. “Let’s begin with the obvious – the sexual assault charges. You now have a few claims that seem to go far deeper than just implying that there was actual contact. That strikes me as more of a case of sexual harassment. The fact that he lied about sending your grandmother to a nursing home before she died, multiplied by a hundred thousand, is an additional bonus.

After that, I tried to conceal it. This man has been hailed as a hero despite the fact that he tends to be the most dangerous predator in American politics today.

Cuomo’s former female aides have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and improper workplace behaviour, and Trump Jr. was referring to this.

“And still, if you’re a Democrat, that’s what you get,” he said. “You’ll get away with it,” says the narrator. There will be no one to hold you responsible. When you’re either taking Nana to her death or groping one of your workers, the media will award you an Emmy. That’s exactly what’s going on. And if this was completed in — I’m now in Florida.

Ron DeSantis would be in prison right now if he did that as governor of Florida. Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand, is likely to get away with it. Joe Biden won’t say anything about it, but that hasn’t stopped him from saying anything about Brett Kavanaugh or any other Republican who has been accused of these stuff. Given his history of sniffing girls, etc., Joe Biden is probably not the right person to speak about these things.”

Trump Jr. said, “But that’s what it is.” “There is a double norm that needs to be addressed. It can’t go on like this any longer. Fair justice under the law should be the objective. Right now, the only justice done under the law is if you’re a Republican, and it’s typically in a derogatory way.”



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