Don Lemon Abruptly Tells CNN Viewers ‘This is the Last Night’

CNN’s Don Lemon suddenly told his small audience that the “end of an age” was approaching. It was unclear if he meant that it was the “end of an age” of baseless hyperbole that misled viewers or that he was leaving the network.

The hard-left news commentator’s program, “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” was about to end. However, this did not imply that he was leaving the network.

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He said, “It’s been really, really fine.” “This is the last night of ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.’ As a result, I am grateful for all of the years of ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.’ However, reforms are on the way. And I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

Lemon was forced to take to Twitter to reassure his followers that he was not leaving his work.

Lemon said, “Everyone, calm down.” “I didn’t say I was leaving CNN; I simply said that ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon’ was coming to an end.”

“You’ll have to tune in on Monday at 10 o’clock to see,” he said.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be just a sad rebrand for a network that has been scrambling for viewers after Trump’s presidency ended.

Lemon later announced that the show’s name would change from “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” to “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“I didn’t mean to start a fire on the internet. Lemon wrote on Saturday morning, “What I said last night was real.” “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon is no longer broadcasting. On Monday, I’ll be back with my new show, Don Lemon Tonight.”
It’s no surprise that CNN has a problem with viewer confidence. If cable news hosts have to resort to tricks like rebranding teasers to generate attention, the show is terrible, regardless of what it’s called.


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