Don JR Ruined The Liberals Weekend With Only One Tweet!

The historic defamation lawsuit is on its way; the liberal media are furious and scared about the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

A person is innocent until proven guilty in America, but our media did everything in their power to convict Rittenhouse even before his day comes!

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But, justice was served! Rittenhouse was free and innocent. He did what he did in self-defense.

Now, the media are trying to save their heads and claiming injustice. The son of former President Donald Trump did what he knows the best! Shut their mouths and ruin their weekend.

Don Jr. has taken it upon himself to spread the truth that the liberals can’t stand.

As we previously reported, Rittenhouse was found not guilty, and the liberals can’t stand that he can walk freely!

There are rumors of federal charges brought against Rittenhouse because of the media’s constant push that he is guilty.

Don Jr. decided to share a series of tweets to celebrate the justice and the verdict!

After this tweet, he shared another: “Breaking: Kyle Rittenhouse found guilty of murdering prosecutors career. Don’t worry, folks, even though it looked like he withheld evidence, lied repeatedly, & didn’t have a basic understanding of the law. I’m sure he will end up on CNN in the very near future as a “legal analyst.” ‘

One user commented: “Prosecutors have a tremendous amount of power and can ruin anyone’s life. Time to make them accountable, Prosecutorial reform!”

Here’s another one: “Based on the last 24 hours of reactions, it seems liberals want self-defense to be illegal. Try running on that in 2022 and see how far it gets you with the majority of the sane American public.”

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