Dominion vs. Powell “No One Would Believe Her Statements”

Dominion Voting Systems sued Powell after she publically claimed that they were involved in election fraud.

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The company sued attorney Sidney Powell for $1.3 billion damage!

“Lawyers representing attorney Sidney Powell, who was sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems in January, argued this week that “no reasonable person” would have believed her claims about election fraud and she is therefore not liable,” Breitbart reports.

This is what happened, according to the statements in the Breitbart report:

“Powell had pursued a theory that Dominion voting machines, operating with Smartmatic software, were manipulable and had been responsible for switching votes from Trump to Democratic challenger Joe Biden. She also alleged that Dominion had worked with foreign governments, including Venezuela, and produced an affidavit purporting to support that allegation. She had not yet provided evidence that votes had actually been changed, however, and has faced increasing public criticism.”

“Though Powell had made those claims in arguing that then-President Donald Trump had won the election, the Trump legal team subsequently distanced itself from her and her claims. In their filing on her behalf, Powell’s attorneys use a familiar defense to defamation lawsuits, which is that statements of opinion are generally protected by the First Amendment.”

“No reasonable person would conclude that the statements about Dominion were truly statements of fact,” they claimed.

But, Powell also gathered a team of legal consultants and attorneys, which answered with the following statement:

“Yesterday, several news media outlets cut and paste out of context portions of our motion to dismiss the Dominion complaint to “spin” a message that the election fraud allegations that Ms. Powell presented to various courts and to the public were not credible. I’d like to clarify what actually was presented to the court. First, let me be clear: any suggestion that “no reasonable person” would believe Ms. Powell or her comments on the election is false. The language these reports referred to is a legal standard adopted by the courts to determine whether statements qualify as opinions that are exempt from defamation liability.

As the DC Circuit reaffirmed just last week, there is no claim for defamation when the alleged “defamatory” statement is a legal opinion. Ms. Powell’s statements fall precisely into this category. Ms. Powell reviewed sworn affidavits, declarations, expert testimony, and other highly corroborated evidence concerning the election which Ms. Powell filed with the courts and shared publicly. She continues to stand by those opinions today. Our motion, in part, argues that the Dominion case should be dismissed because legal opinions are not grounds for defamation.”

You can read the complete letter on the following link:


She became renowned for being the defendant of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.


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