DOJ Shared List Of 121 SEX CULT Clients!

It seems that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell weren’t alone. There was an industry of sex cult perverts that served the elites country-wide.

The brand new discovery is that Sarah Lawrence was part of the sex cult case.

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The DOJ inadvertently released a list of 121 clients. You can see some of New York City’s most respected lawyers, businessmen, and socialites on the list.

However, the DOJ issued a statement saying it was a mistake. Now we know that at least 121 of the elites were included in nefarious sexual behavior.

Check this out:

The things get interesting.

Besides the fact that 121 names were shared online, we can’t find that list anywhere. Maybe it was because of the DOJ pressure?

The Daily Mail confirmed this story:

New York’s business elite was left shaking in its boots Tuesday after a list of alleged clients of the student prostitute in the Sarah Lawrence ‘sex cult’ case was inadvertently published online.

The list, which was entered into evidence under seal in the ongoing trial of accused cult leader Larry Ray, includes lawyers and businessmen and socialites throughout the Tri-state area. acquired a copy of the list of 121 names which was taken down nearly as fast as it was put up.

A top executive at The Gap clothing firm and her husband was one of two married couples included. A former New York State Supreme Court judge is also named.

Another alleged client is a painter who has studios in Manhattan’s East Village and in Italy. A third is an architect, famous for designing college and university buildings.

An investment executive who was also in pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous little black book of contacts is also listed.

Other names include a hedge fund manager who has donated millions to charity and has his name on a museum building in New York, a Washington DC, lobbyist who has worked for a foreign resistance movement and an international diamond dealer.

Also included is an executive at the Metropolitan Transit Authority, an account executive at Amazon and a veteran travel writer.

Sarah Lawrence’s case is ongoing.

So far, we know that a hedge fund manager, high-profile judge, and famous NYC elites were included in the list.

A couple of moments after the DOJ released the list, the leader of the sex cult had a seizure and was evacuated to the emergency room.

Yahoo News reported:

The trial of accused Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader Lawrence Ray descended into chaos Tuesday as the alleged abuser was wheeled out of the courthouse on a stretcher — and the Justice Department mistakenly released a list of well-heeled johns who paid to have sex with one of the leader’s followers.

Ray, 62, was put in an ambulance outside Manhattan Federal Court for the second time. His eyes were rolled back in his head and mouth agape. Just last week, Ray was hospitalized after his lawyers said he suffered a seizure.

While Ray was rushed to the hospital, the feds faced a different type of emergency. A trial exhibit discussed in court but not shown publicly, was accidentally uploaded to a database for reporters. The exhibit was a list, compiled by Ray’s follower Claudia Drury in 2018, of men she slept with in exchange for money.

Drury, 31, has testified she earned $2.5 million working as a prostitute for years while in Ray’s small cult of Sarah Lawrence students and other young adults. She said that Ray forced her to work as a prostitute to repay bogus debts he convinced her she owed.

This story is quite strange!

Yahoo News The Daily Mail

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