‘Doesn’t Make Any Political Sense’: Rep. Pramila Jayapal Says People Shouldn’t Get Less From Biden Than They Got From Trump

Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Democratic Washington said Sunday that it does not make sense for Americans under President Joe Biden to get less relief than they had under former President Donald Trump.

On “State of the Union,” Jayapal joined CNN anchor Dana Bash to address the ongoing debate on the next coronavirus stimulus package and what she anticipated to be included in the final bill.

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Bash noted that for the next round of direct payments for COVID relief, Biden had indicated some flexibility on the income level, saying, “President Biden suggested that he is willing to negotiate on who receives a direct payment of $1,400 that is in the legislation.”

Bash asked Jayapal if she would be able to consider a lower threshold, adding that most Democrats insisted on $75,000 as the income cap, the same limit used in the last round of direct payments.

Does it need to remain at $75,000 for that income cap, or will you be comfortable with that being a little lower? ” Asked Bash.

“It’s got to. You’ll take out 40 million Americans who got a relief check under Donald Trump, who won’t get a relief check under Joe Biden, if you increase those income rates,’ Jayapal responded. “For me, that makes no political sense.”


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