“Doctors Tried to Kill Me”,: Confessions of a 5x Cancer Survivor Flees Medical Murder At Killer Hospital

Doctors are the actual riders of the COVID apocalypse.

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Doctors are treating patients like cattle. And if you’re among the unvaxxed – you clearly no longer deserve to live.

This was proven in many previous reports, where patients have been denied the legal natural right to get heart, or kidney transplants due to the sole fact they are unvaxxed.

On Friday, Dr. Sherry O’Donnell joined the Stew Peters Show to condemn the deathcare protocols being unleashed on average Americans.

One of her patients, Kathy Jankoviak, who the hospital tried to kill with remdesivir and ventilator suffocation, also joined Stew Peters on Friday to discuss how the hospital unhooked her oxygen in a sick demented game to show her how it would feel to actually die.

Watch his heartbreaking statement and the latest honest Stew Peters sequel.

“You’re not gonna make it and that’s when he turned everything off and he just stood there with his arms crossed just watching and at that point, I knew shortly after he came into that room we needed to leave,” Kathy told Stew. “I believe that was the holy spirit saying to leave.”

It’s very telling that after this occurred, Kathy had sought refuge at the Rapha medical center, led by Dr. Sherry O’Donnell. It is at Rapha medical centre where Kathy made a speedy recovery and is why she was able to join Stew to share her testimony.

“You don’t have renal failure, you don’t have kidney shutdown, you’re not on a ventilator, you’re not dead,” Stew Peters told Kathy and her son Andrew. “Because the NIH protocol that this doctor wanted to put you on so he could collect this 100 thousand dollar check for that hospital- it didn’t work, it didn’t work with you.”

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