Doctors Pushed TO The Corner: Must Admit Jab Murders

One brave American forced them to the last line of defense.

Nita Shanon’s father never had Covid. Sadly, what he did have was the vaccine.

Nita Shanon’s father died without ever getting sick of COVID. And blood clots were found in his brain!

Now how do you explain that?

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Nita says that after one shot her father was fine. But after the second shot he got shingles and an ache in his arm that simply never went away. He developed a blood clot in his shoulder. Not only that, but the arm where he got the shot was cold, always, no matter how the rest of his body felt.

“Nita says the symptoms weren’t limited to her father either. She says that after her dad’s second shot, she had the worst menstrual cycle of her life, an effect she believes was related to vaccine shedding by her father.

Despite all this, Nita’s father wasn’t worried. Without her knowledge, he decided to get a booster shot as well. The day before the booster, Nita says, he was active and doing fine. He helped a neighbor move some lumber. He was enjoying his horse training hobby.

The morning after the booster, his neighbors noticed that he hadn’t come outside. They went to check on him, but nobody answered. Nita’s father was found dead in his home, with micro blood clots all over his brain. They had to put on his vaccine that, yes, he died of the vaccine.”

Here’s more from Stew Peters who discussed the matter with her:

Red Voice Media Rumble

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