Doctors ‘Can’t’ Legally Disclose The Variant Type Positive Patients Are Infected With!!!

100% Fed Up reported that this Tuesday, the WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that Biden will issue a statement “about his robust plan to stop the spread of the delta variant and boost vaccinations.” She added that the powers of the president were limited regarding the implementation of a mass vaccine mandate.

However, on Friday, Biden blamed the jobs reports on the Delta mutation: “There’s no question the delta variant is why today’s jobs report isn’t stronger. I know people were looking, and I was hoping for a higher number. But next week, I’ll lay out the next steps that are going to — we’re going to need to combat the delta variant, to address some of those fears and concerns.”

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Biden mentioned giving more federal money to the states to support them in the fight against the virus.
Is the Delta variant really a mutation of the CCP virus? Because if that is so, why the patients can’t know if they are infected with it?

How did the doctors know if the patient was infected with the Delta variant or the common CCP virus?

The physician explained that the labs don’t check particular virus, and they can’t know it.

“So, how do we know if the Delta variant is really responsible for the increase in cases in Michigan if they’re not testing for it?” was the question, to which she replied, “We’re just guessing that’s what it is because the Delta variant is so contagious.” So we’re just supposed to trust what the media and Dr. Fauci are telling us…right?

COVID-19 infected people don’t know the variant they are infected with. It is because of the tests that need to be federally approved to emerge in public.

In June, Sam Reider is a San Francisco musician who got a call from the California Department of Public Health. He is fully vaccinated and infected with COVID-19. Those who called him advised him to take another test at a local Kaiser Permanente.

He got the test result back to him, but the doctors didn’t tell him anything about the variant he was infected with.
“When I got the follow-up from Kaiser, they said it’s positive, but they didn’t have any of the sequencing information,” Reider told Insider. That “felt odd to me,” he said.

Ryan Forrest is a 30-year-old man infected with COVID-19 from Midland Park, New Jersey. He got infected after an indoor wedding, still wondering how he got infected because he didn’t have any contact with the patient zero.

Also, this person is fully vaccinated.

“It would have been nice to know just for curiosity more than anything else,” he said.

These are only a few cases where the patients aren’t permitted to know which variant infected them.

Why do the doctors and patients have a legal obstacle to knowing the actual results of their health problems?

The vaccinated patients aren’t permitted to know what they are fighting against because the medical experts decided.

Why do we see so many secrets around the virus?

The Americans have the right to know which variant infected them and to know the truth about their health.

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