Doctor Rescuing Hospital Victims

He was literally removing the patients from their dead-bed captivities, risking his job, but doing what he swore to do – promote and protect human’s life and health.

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Dr John Witcher joined Stew to discuss the good doctor’s heroic feat of saving a dying patient from one of the many American death camps we call hospitals. This patient, who was not fed for nearly a week, was in absolute critical condition and on the verge of death before Dr Witcher got involved and quickly followed the MATH+ protocol, similar to Dr. Zelenko’s ZStack protocol by the utilization of magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D.

“The wife had said right up front she did not want the patient to be on remdesivir and he did not want him to be ventilated,” Dr. Witcher told Stew Peters. “At that point, the hospital made him DNR, Do Not Resuscitate and they went in and didn’t feed him, he was more than seven days there without any food and they were not giving him anything to drink.”

“They had given him IV fluids for a little while, but when I started a facetime with him, he was very very dehydrated,” Dr. Witcher continued. “They wouldn’t let him out of the bed, they would not feed him, and they were giving him morphine on top of that.”

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