Do You Know What Will Happen if GOP Rejects Trump in 2024?

The 2024 Presidential Election is still a long way off, but the first estimates are already being made. The question was raised as to what would happen if Republicans refused to support Trump. In reality, all polls show that Republican voters continue to support President Trump.

However, the Republican elite, as well as many ‘RINOS,’ continue to nurture their open rivalry with the former president. In reality, Trump is despised by the Democratic Party’s upper echelon.

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Trump is an issue, a stumbling block in Washington’s never-ending whirlpool of deals, intrigues, and market-politics. True patriots recognize an individual who embodies their values and defends their liberties. This schism within the GOP could end in one of two ways.

According to TMZ, if the Republican Party fails to appoint Trump, the American Independent Party will happily do so.

“When the Republican Party dumps Donald Trump in 2024, he has a home in the American Independent Party, which claims he’s their man if he runs for President again.

Markham Robinson, the chairman of the AIP, informs us that he and his colleagues are dead set on nominating Trump to lead their ticket in the next presidential election…

There’s still a lot of time to see how things shake out, but Markham and the AIP leaders expressed their delight at Trump’s apparent willingness to remain in politics, which he hinted at during his CPAC speech this past weekend.”

If this is allowed to happen, it would be a big mistake for the Republican Party. What is the reason for this? Trump is the clear favorite in the race for the GOP nomination in 2024, according to the Washington Times/CPAC Survey (the most recent fresh poll on conservative voters).

As he said, 95-97 percent of all respondents would vote for Trump as the Republican Party’s preferred candidate.

Also, the voter fraud injustice has bolstered Trump’s undisputed place in the party, particularly now that we are seeing new serious cases with heavy evidence of committed voter fraud. This occurs in a large number of states, and there are far too many local authorities involved.

When we look at the numbers, we can see that power balancing in the GOP isn’t necessary. Trump still wields influence over the elite, and internal squabbles among the party’s most powerful members would undoubtedly benefit the Democrats.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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