DISTURBING: NFL Star Player Threatening to “Kill” Somebody Online!

The wokeness has ruined the entire NFL league. It has spoiled a big part of American everyday life, because of involving in a political manner. Sports should always stay protected from such things, because it is ruining the spirit of the game and the principles that stand in the games, asides from the ones in politics.

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I’ve just come to acknowledge that a drunk player named Henry Ruggs was going well over 100 MPH when he hit a girl’s car that burst into flames, burning her and her dog alive. The Raiders let him go, and he’s facing a slew of charges for that accident.

While that happened, another nightmare is already out. With another player. From another team. With a totally different co-relation.

According to the official report published by the Daily Caller,

“Las Vegas Raiders first-round draft pick Damn Arnette is now on video brandishing a weapon and threatening to kill somebody.

At one point, he bluntly said “I will kill you ni**a” while waving a weapon. According to NBC Sports, the video first surfaced Friday night.

What the hell is going on in Las Vegas? Seriously, what the hell is going on with the Raiders? Henry Ruggs allegedly killed a woman while driving under the influence and now Arnette appears to have threatened someone while displaying guns.”

Here’s the disturbing video footage:

Here are some of the comments made by people online:

“There’s was a time when football players had a college education.”

“I’m pretty sure a Raider got drunk and Killed a woman this past week. You may want to sit this one out.”

“this 2021 raiders season is a movie bro..”

“What the hell is going… oh wait, it’s Vegas”

“All I understood is kill you because he mumbled the rest. Either way, he should be suspended”

“Only a matter of time before he’s doing time with Ruggs.”


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