DISTURBING: The Satanic Temple Purchases Billboard Space Across America to Post OBSCENE Messages

The Satanic Temple is using the first amendment as a weapon, posting obscene signs across the country.
Becky Coffman, a local Phoenix patriot, provided a snapshot of the horror in Phoenix, Arizona.

These ads promote Satanist abortion exemptions and link cake batter to the miracle of human conception.

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A cake that is made according to a precise formula and always turns out the same is not comparable to the development of a brand new human being with his own DNA, mind, and soul.

After a man in Arkansas refused to put these messages on eight of his own billboards, the Temple sued him for religious discrimination.

These are demonic beings.

Things are just going to get worse. “Abortions Save Lives” is written on billboards in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

“Abortions Save Lives” is a phrase used by pro-choice activists.

This is illogical.

These folks claim that murdering unborn children is a religious rite.

This is a nasty joke.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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