Disturbing New “Suicide-Pushing” Messages From Chrissy Teigen Revealed!

Chrissy Teigen obviously loves pushing people to the very edge of suicide!

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It’s her passion, her hobby, she literally lives from making other people miserable. It’s time for her to take consequences for her actions before it’s too late, and disastrous things happen!

People from the highest narcissistic and daddy’s princess categories like Chrissy Teigen are a special subject of psychiatric categories. They might seem all sociable and perfect on the outside, but their ugliness on the inside is so unbearable, and the thing is – they are the only ones that can truly see it. They’re the only ones that can see their personal monstrosity, and they’re in constant need to deny it. That’s why they’re in constant need to make other people less than themselves.

“Chrissy has essentially been “canceled” for what she did to a 16-year-old girl who was being abused and manipulated. Chrissy’s branding has been destroyed and her cookware line has been dropped by several stores including Target and Macy’s.”

And, ABC has another story on a new victim of this monster sociopath!

“After “a VERY humbling few weeks” of “sitting in a hole of deserved global punishment,” Chrissy Teigen posted a lengthy apology on Medium to address her past cyberbullying.

Teigen has seen her brand tarnished — and endorsement deals lost — after it was revealed she direct messaged non-binary model Courtney Stodden when they were a teen, urging them to kill themselves.

“Not…a single moment has passed where I haven’t felt the crushing weight of regret for the things I’ve said…” Teigen wrote.”

This is due to the following happening:

“A would-be budding fashion designer by the name of Michael Costello, who was the victim of photoshopped images that portrayed him as a “racist.”

Chrissy Teigen shared those images with all her followers, and Mr. Costello reached out to Chrissy and told her the images were fake and asked her to take them down, and her response (among many hateful things) was to tell him to end his life.

“Designer Michael Costello shares that in 2014 Chrissy Teigen bullied him due to photoshopped messages and had him blacklisted in Hollywood. He also shared he planned to take his own life due to the bullying. ”

She is a sociopath with a constant need for attention. That’s the basic reason why her apologies should not be accepted – cuz they’re just a way for her to re-integrate into the environment she needs to suck her life energy from!

she should be the one banned from all social media!


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