Discovered The Tunnel That Leads Through Mexico And California!

One tunnel was discovered between Mexico and California on August 2. It was thought that the system was used in a large-scale drug trafficking operation.

However, the agency said that the investigation on the tunnel’s origin was still happening. The Mexican officials knew about the tunnel’s existence, so the government works with the U.S. throughout the probe.

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Homeland Security Investigations discovered the tunnel. When they found the tunnel, they were in Mexicali, Baja, California. According to the Homeland Security Investigations, it was 183-feet long and 22 feet underground.

The tunnel’s end is three feet north of the border wall, but it doesn’t exit on the U.S. side. Bear in mind that the tunnel has electricity, ventilation, a rail system, and an electric hoist.

“These types of tunnels enable drug traffickers to conduct illicit activities virtually undetected across the U.S.–Mexico border,” announced Cardell T. Morant on August 2.

“Discovering and shutting down these tunnels deals a major blow to drug trafficking organizations because it denies them the ability to smuggle drugs, weapons, and people across the border.”

According to the officers, the border wall means nothing to the smuggling criminals will.

“If you put up one wall, they find a way to get around it,” said David Shaw.
Currently, Drug smugglers moved to the ocean, underground tunnels, and ports of entry after the government installed walls in San Diego.

The rest of the border zones are sandy, but the complex tunnels necessitate infrastructure to support the weight.

The tunnel costs more than a million dollars, and USA Today announced the drug smugglers quickly make a profit after two shipments.

In San Diego, tunnels bring considerable profits to the drug smugglers to transport more than 35 tons.
NBC Sand Diego reported that fentanyl deaths raised by 200% from last year, which is still growing. In 2019 only 151 overdoses were reported.

Fentanyl represents a synthetic chemical substance 20 times more powerful compared to heroin and still more affordable and easier to make.


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