Director of Elections In Luzerne Co. PA Blames “Coding Error” In Dominion Voting Machines

After the election results were finalized in November, Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters around the country questioned the results’ validity. Many people are now asking whether Americans will ever be able to trust another election.

A leading national poll six months after the November 2020 election showed that 7 in 10 Republican voters still doubt the president’s win.

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This is marginally worse than a recent Monmouth poll, which showed that 66% of Republican voters believe Biden’s victory was primarily due to voter fraud.

Primary election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, that caused voters to leave without voting, aren’t helping Republicans rebuild voter trust.
PA Reports on the home page- In Luzerne County, Republican and Independent voters found inaccurate labeling on electronic ballots. On the first screen, every voter, regardless of party affiliation, saw a democratic primary ballot.

“Unfortunately, the computers were all shut down this morning, and people were losing patience and leaving,” an Exeter voter said.

Some voters were also concerned that their ballots would not be counted because of the uncertainty.

“It’s discouraging. “When you have an individual elected in, the question is, did they really get elected in—and no one can really answer that,” said voter Chris Harding.

Officials at some polling places verified that Democrat ballots were appearing on the computer regardless of the voter’s party affiliation. However, staff claim that the top of the Republican ballots does say Republican.
According to Bob Morgan, the Luzerne County Director of Elections, the problem did not start in northeastern Pennsylvania. It was a problem with the coding in the voting machines, he said many times.

“It took us about five weeks,” says the author. Dominion received the final product. On the mail-in ballots produced from that file, there is no evidence of any of this issue. We’re also working with Dominion to figure out what went wrong with the coding. “They were just as shocked as we were,” Morgan said.

Morgan was asked by Eyewitness News whether there was any chance Luzerne County was to blame.

“Is there any chance it might have been on your end and not theirs during that five-week process?” we asked. “No,” Morgan replied.


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