Dire Warning to Meghan and Harry About Americans

This week, a royal analyst warned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that the US is beginning to turn against them, and that their fairytale is “wearing thin.”

Americans were originally on Meghan and Harry’s side, according to Lee Cohen, an authority on Anglo-American issues for the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, who wrote in an op-ed for The Sun that the responsibility for what happened between them and the royal family “must lie everywhere” but with the couple. However, he noted that “recent events” in the United States also prompted “more serious assessments” of Meghan and Harry.

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“Everyone loves the Cinderella story on both sides of the Atlantic. But when the British got to know Meghan, they saw her for what she was – a self-promoter with a social justice agenda,” Cohen wrote. “Now that Americans have a chance to see what the couple is actually like, the fairytale of wicked in-laws and half-siblings is starting to wear thin. The news in the United States has been raging for the past few days, and this can be expected to influence public opinion.”

Following that, Cohen chastised Harry for calling the First Amendment “bonkers” in an interview earlier this month.

“It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Harry that insulting his host country, whether or not he’s representing his birth country, is unlikely to win him many admirers there,” Cohen said.

Cohen concluded his piece by stating that “passionately defending the fallen royal couple no matter their behavior” would still exist.

“However, with each new muddled Sussex discovery, unsubstantiated argument, and disloyal act, an increasing number of Americans will recognize that the couple’s shortcomings are their own, not the British nation or the institution of monarchy,” he made sure to add.

This comes after a source revealed that Queen Elizabeth, 94, is “deeply disturbed” by her grandson’s “very personal” attacks on her family.


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