Dinesh Slams FBI: Reveals Latest Scheme and Gives Feds Savage Nickname

I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.

The first is why can’t the FBI figure out who planted the bombs at the RNC and the DNC on January 6th?

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You can’t tell me they don’t have *something* on video – and why aren’t they talking about it? DC has to be the city with the most cameras, so you can’t tell me they don’t have *something* on video.

What is the situation with Officer Sicknick’s death? Why was this referred to as a “murder” for weeks, and now that we know it wasn’t, everybody has gone “radio silent?”

Last month, Dinesh shared his theory about the FBI and the Capitol in response to a tweet from independent journalist Mike Cernovich, who wondered why the FBI still didn’t know who planted the bombs at the RNC and DNC.

Dinesh’s answer was as follows:

“Could it be that they know but aren’t telling?” says the narrator. When the suspects’ identities don’t suit the progressive narrative, the FBI appears to go silent.”

Yes, I believe Dinesh nailed it – they definitely know who it is, but it doesn’t fit with the narrative that Trump supporters are “insurrectionists,” so they’re not telling us it was Antifa or BLM who planted it (probably, right?).

And that leads to the next question: what the hell is up with Brian Sicknick?

Mr. Sicknick was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by a “Trump supporter,” we were told (falsely) early on.

The false story was in the news for weeks…

Now that we know it wasn’t true, the media has gone quiet on the subject.

The FBI is as quiet as church mice, which is more worrying than the media’s silence.

“The FBI has not released any photographs of suspects in Brian Sicknick’s death,” Dinesh said. Why do you think that is? They don’t have any and they don’t have any. After all, why not? Since Sicknick was not assassinated. The FBI doesn’t want you to know this because it contradicts their false narrative #CrooksWithBadges.”

The FBI is indeed a rotten institution. Many Americans now regard this once-respected bureau as “partisan activists.” It’s upsetting to see.

Dinesh, who has been a direct survivor of the “politicized feds” as a result of Obama, has given them a new savage moniker…

Dinesh ended his tweet with the hashtag “Crooks With Badges.”


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