Dinesh Shows How Unpopular Trump-Hater Adam Kinzinger is

Nobody is more insufferable than Adam Kinzinger, a Republican RINO from Illinois.

This guy is so clueless that you have to wonder if he’s actually that stupid and out of touch, or if he’s just a fake account trolling everyone.

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Kinzinger has never been a “fan” of Trump, and he was always a snarky, underhanded jerk when he was in office, but when Trump was pushed out of office, Kinzinger really ramped up his Trump-hatred.

This man burst out of the closet as a colossal, mentally ill liberal Trump detractor – loud and proud!

On the “S.S. RINO,” he teamed up with lunatic Liz Cheney to try to “sink” the American First movement.

It was a sad show of inexperience, and the two have now suffered miserably, as Liz has lost her leadership positions and has become practically insignificant in the party as she waits for her home state of Wyoming to hold a primary.

Kinzinger will suffer the same fate because he can’t stop yapping about globalization.

Now, Kinzinger claims that the GOP has become the “Titanic” as a result of Trump, and that we are steadily sinking to the ocean’s bottom.

I’m curious as to what he’s smoking.

Is this kooky clown really convinced that the party of “Paul Ryan” and “Mitt Romney” is the way to go? To be honest, you don’t know whether to laugh or weep at such folly.

Dinesh D’Souzsa, a conservative commentator, wanted to bring Adam’s theory to the test.

But he conducted an online poll, asking if Adam’s career or Trump’s career is more like the “Titanic” — and the results so far speak for themselves…

With 11,196 votes cast, the following are the final results of the poll:



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