Dinesh D’Souza Just Exposed Dr. Fauci Big Time With This Damning Photo

Dr. Fauci is one of the worst things that has ever happened to this world, and given what we now know, President Trump would have been better off firing him before he even began.

But we have to give President Trump some leeway on this – though everything seems so transparent now, the waters were murky at the time – and I am sure it was done on purpose, as has been the case for so much of this politized mess.

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As you can remember, Fauci chimed in on everything related to the “Red States” and President Trump. Fauci was still there, from Spring Break to Trump protests, to alert people about the dangers of these “superspreader” cases.

It happened so often that it became monotonous and repetitive.

But, for some reason, since Biden’s inauguration, Fauci has gone silent on the dangers of all these “superspreader” events – and the most prominent “superspreader case” on which he’s been silent is the most dangerous of them all…

The dividing line.

That’s right, Joe’s migrant cages are being used as a COVID petri dish, and “Mr. 15 Masks” hasn’t said anything about it.

Fauci simply shrugged his little shoulders and said, “I don’t have anything to do with the frontier,” when he was called out on it.

Okay, so what would he have to do with bikini-clad teenagers on Florida beaches? You’ve got it.

That’s a bunch of nonsense, as we all know.

Take a look at this photo posted by Dinesh D’Souza. It depicts 25 migrants crammed into a Texas migrant railcar.

Dinesh is curious as to why Fauci has remained silent on the topic.

Isn’t it true that we’d all like to know?

Take a look at this photo:

What’s going on here is clear.

Dr. Fauci and COVID are strictly political.

This isn’t about your fitness or happiness. It’s always been and always will be about politics… This is why, when it comes to COVID, so many people distrust Fauci and other government officials.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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