“Digital Music” Claims to Have Gotten The Results of DMX Autopsy Report

The iconic rapper DMX passed away about a month ago.

There were a lot of conflicting signals and accounts about the rapper’s death.

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DMX died of a heart attack, according to his relatives, but the reasons for the heart attack were all over the place.

According to some reports, DMX died of an overdose, while others said he died as a result of COVID-19 and/or a possible connection to the vaccine.

Friends and supporters claim DMX was a gifted man who, like any other human being on the planet, was battling his demons and trying to improve his life and that of his family.

They also point out that while few people are aware of it, DMX was a devout Christian who tried his hardest to spread the gospel through bible studies and personal testimony.

Supporters agree that the rapper struggled with drugs and other problems, but they argue that this doesn’t negate his efforts to improve and give back.

As a result, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding his passing, and fans are desperate for answers.

“Digital Music News,” an online music publication, claims to have been informed of the “likely” outcome of DMX’s autopsy report. According to them, DMX’s death should have been avoided.

It appears to have been caused by a lethal cocktail of medications, alcohol, and COVID-19, according to the researchers. According to Digital Music News, DMX’s death was possibly caused by a combination of toxins, including crack cocaine, the ultra-potent opiate fentanyl, and undisclosed amounts of both alcohol and prescription medication. COVID-19 was found on DMX’s autopsy, which may have complicated attempts to resuscitate the rapper and get oxygen into his bloodstream.

Irv Gotti, a record producer, took a lot of heat about what he said about DMX’s death during a radio interview in Chicago. He said that DMX overdosed on a “bad dose of crack” that completely overwhelmed his brain.

Fentanyl usage and COVID complications were also mentioned by Gotti. “They said it was a poor dose of crack and that fentanyl was mixed in with the crack, which caused him to overdose.”

“When he went to the hospital, he was diagnosed with COVID and couldn’t breathe — you know how COVID affects the respiratory system — so he had to get hooked up to the ventilator,” added the Murder Inc. cofounder.

Gotti has since apologised for “speaking out of turn,” but not for what he actually said; rather, he apologized for speaking about it when he shouldn’t have.



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