Did You Also Miss This Bizarre Gaf In The middle Of Biden’s Speech?

On Monday, Biden did it again, making an embarrassing gaffe in the middle of his speech, when he tried to tell a story about “people pulling up to McDonald’s” during a speech in Kearny, New Jersey.

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To be more specific, the topic he was speaking on was internet infrastructure issues.

“We’re going to make sure high-speed Internet is affordable and available everywhere in America, including the nearly one in three New Jersey families that don’t have the internet subscription,” Biden said.

good start, terrible landing…

“When trying to give an example of the internet problem, Biden appeared to get lost talking about people being forced to pull up to their local McDonald’s to do their homework,” the WSJ reported.

“What Biden was probably trying to say is that some Americans were forced to use the free WiFi at the fast-food chain.

Probably figuring out what kind of a stupid thing he just slammed *again), he began to look incredibly confused before trailing off.

“How many times do you see people pulling up to McDonald’s sitting outside during the pandemic so they could do their homework because they couldn’t get — get it off of their — their line?” Biden said.

Here’s the video.


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