Did The WH YouTube Channel Just Reveal the “Truth” about Joe During Japan PM Visit?

The Joe Biden Clown Show greeted Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House today.

It was, after all, just half of the “clown show.”

Joe was reportedly “sick,” so he was unable to welcome Japan’s Prime Minister. In what can arguably be called one of the most awkward and uncomfortable-looking moments in foreign policy history, he snubbed him and instead sent his unelected sidekick Kamala to greet him.

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Joe eventually crawled out of bed, dressed by his handlers, and made his way down to the Rose Garden, where he continued to make an already bizarre and unprofessional occurrence even stranger.

Joe told the Japanese Prime Minister that a “boy” from Japan had won the Masters, referring to Hideki Matsuyama, a 29-year-old golfer who is far from a “boy” who won the Master’s Tournament in Georgia, despite the fact that Joe had wreaked havoc on the state by lying about voting rules.

Many people have labeled it a “racist” comment. That is not how I see it. It struck me as a strange and impolite thing to say about a grown man. That is everything there is to it.

But there’s some good news for Joe: not many people saw what happened… On YouTube, at least, not a lot of people, as the WH page only had 787 views.

That’s right, the most popular president in US history – a man who won the most “massive win” in human history – 82 million votes – could only attract 787 people to the official White House YouTube channel to watch Joe greet the first international diplomat.

What are the chances? Isn’t that incredible? Doesn’t it seem like “impossible”?

Sometimes, take a look at the “likes” and “dislikes.”

There are 287 likes and 2,500 dislikes.

Those are “bots,” according to the media, YouTube, and fact-checkers.

They don’t want you to believe that those who went over and clicked “unlike” on the video are real Americans who are upset about this scam…

As this guy (who isn’t a bot) admits to doing whenever a video is on…

Isn’t it true that Americans are still “allowed” to express their dissatisfaction?

You see, you’re not supposed to note or challenge anything like this.

You just have to shut up and believe that, despite having virtually no visible support, Joe is the most celebrated US president in our country’s history.

They want you to believe it, because if you don’t, they’ll punish you and silence you.

That is why, in their own small way, items like this Youtube Channel actually expose the truth about this fraud “president.”


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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