Did Kim Clement See Everything? PROPHECY REWIND: Did Kim Clement See Everything?

Kim Clement is, at least in recent years, the gold standard for prophetic voices.

We’ve written about him before on WeLoveTrump, and I’m always intrigued when a new film from his vault is released.

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“Did Kim Clement See EVERYTHING?” they asked in a video they released today. And it’s fascinating to listen to these video now, in hindsight, and see how many portions of Kim’s prophecy have come true in the years after he spoke them.

Here’s where you can see it and be amazed:

I also prepared a backup because YouTube will most likely erase it soon.

Here’s what you can see on Rumble:

We can dive much deeper if you want to know more.

Trey Smith, a friend of mine, does an excellent job of deconstructing Kim’s predictions about President Trump.

This one is one of my favorites since Trey points out that Kim’s predictions about President Trump are actually coming true in sequence.

And sometimes, when we believed we’d arrived at a certain moment in the timeline, we discovered we hadn’t.

One of Kim’s messages, for example, says of Trump, “They will even say this man is not saying enough!”

Until now, Donald Trump didn’t seem to fit that description.

He has been deafeningly quiet since the election.

When we thought he’d say something, he didn’t.

Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic!

Please take pleasure in the following:

Let’s move on to another Trey Smith video.

Kim Clement’s prophecy about Two Presidents kicks things started.

Yes, we’ve heard that one before, but Trey unpacks things in there that I’d never noticed before!

It’s an obvious forecast for the present day.

Then he goes into a prophecy about “pandemonium in the White House”…does this sound familiar to you right now?



I felt the last statement was very intriguing…

Something is wrong with Elon.

Of course, we all know the man isn’t “normal,” but I have a hunch he plays a role in all of this in the end.

And I’m praying it’ll be for the good.

Come on, Elon, are you ready to become a legend?

Okay, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…please leave a comment below!


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