DETAILS: Bo Polny’s September 6th Show Has Already Been Confirmed!

Last week, I had Bo Polny on my show, and we talked about a number of important issues and dates.

Bo showed us exactly where we are in the “Protractor of time” in the interview before this one.

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I wanted to invite Bo on to talk about what happened since he said August 24 was a big date.

The exact date Saudi Arabia signed a deal with Russia, thereby eliminating the US Petrodollar, was verified on August 24.

For those who are aware of these issues, the significance and impact of this cannot be overstated, and it will have long-term consequences in our global community.

Then, during the conversation, Bo mentioned that the next significant date was Rosh Hashana on September 6, which was only a few days away.

That’s always a huge date, and Bo suggested to keep an eye out for anything major.

So, what exactly did we see?

Only what has been dubbed “China’s Lehman.”

Do you have any idea what that means?

Do you recall the name Lehman Brothers?

Prior to 2008, Lehman Brothers was one of the most well-known financial institutions.

It no longer exists.

That’s because it was the first to go bankrupt in 2008, kicking off the “Great Recession” whose repercussions we’re still feeling today.

So when someone announces they’ve just met the “China Lehman,” that’s BIG news…..

What year was it, and when did it happen?

On Bo’s crucial September 6th date.

Take a look at this:

Here’s what Yahoo News had to say about it:

Some creditors of heavily indebted Chinese real estate giant Evergrande Group are demanding immediate payback of loans, a report said Friday, days after the company acknowledged it may default on some of its massive borrowings.

Fear of a potential meltdown at Evergrande — and the potential impact on the world’s second-largest economy — have increasingly weighed on investors and regulators after the company went on a debt-fuelled expansion binge.

Evergrande said earlier this week that total liabilities had swelled to 1.97 trillion yuan ($305 billion) and that the group faced mounting legal challenges and “risks of defaults on borrowings”.

Two trust companies — among Evergrande’s largest non-bank creditors — have demanded immediate repayment on some loans, Bloomberg News reported Friday, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter.

The trusts sent repayment notices to Evergrande over the past two months after becoming concerned about the company’s stability, Bloomberg said.

The number of loans affected was not given.

Evergrande is one of the largest private companies in China and a leading real estate developer, with a presence nationwide.

Chinese regulators have moved aggressively in recent years to rein in runaway debt at giant conglomerates, such as real estate giant Wanda and tourism conglomerate Fosun, forcing them to sell off assets and slim down.

Similar efforts are now underway at Evergrande, amid reports that regulators, banks, creditors and potential asset buyers are coordinating on how to sort out its debt pile.

Evergrande has already sold stakes in some of its wide-ranging assets and offered steep discounts to offload apartments, but still reported a 29 percent slide in profit for the first half earlier this week.

Here’s the slide where Bo listed the important dates:


So, what’s up next?

The month of August is a turning point….

New Year’s Day in September…..

November is hypnotic…..

Then you’ll be overjoyed in December!

Prepare yourself; it’s going to be a wild journey!

After you’ve watched it, please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Here’s where you can see it on Rumble:





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