DeSantis’s Spokesperson Shared AOC’s Florida Trip Was Worse Than Hypocrisy!

AOC will end up wishing she had never gone to Florida for the New Year’s weekend.

She was classified as a hypocrite once people shared that she spent the holiday in the Sunshine State, where DeSantis has made a national reputation on his opposition to the kind of mask and vaccination Dems love!

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The congresswoman worsened the situation by saying that her conservative critics were driven by sexual frustration and uncontrollable desire for her irresistible charms.

This Monday, DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw shared the problem with AOC’s shameless inconsistencies.

The residents of Ocasio-Cortez’s 14th congressional district and the rest of NYC and state grapple with the mandate demands imposed; AOC hasn’t a problem heading to the sunny south.

I don’t mind that AOC is partying mask-free in Miami,” Pushaw wrote.

“But I DO mind that 2-year-olds in her district are force-masked for hours at daycare and NYC schoolchildren are eating lunch outside in freezing temperatures.’’

“’ Rules for thee, not for me’ = Soviet-style.”

“AOC’s behavior is not hypocrisy — it is HIERARCHY,” she wrote. “By openly flouting the same rules that she pushes on her constituents, she is signaling that she is powerful and does not have to abide by the same restrictions as the peasants.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot were among the big names caught breaking the rules they imposed.

Joe Biden is the person who is so contradictory with his statements.

Pushaw worked with the Soviet republic of Georgia before joining the DeSantis operation!

“This is something I’ve seen time and again in the country of Georgia, especially during the lockdown,” she wrote.

“It’s an aggressive, in-your-face Soviet power play.”

After all the talks about equity and inclusion and whatever progressive buzzwords are used at the moment, the modern Democratic Party aims at establishing a 2-tiered system of power, one for the Americans who are forced to comply with the mandates and the others who are wealthy enough, toke and can see what’s really happening.

Americans have seen many things in the past two years since the pandemic, and enough with Biden in the past year. We can’t wait for what will happen in the midterm elections.

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