DeSantis Blasts Harmful Critical Race Theory

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, called allegations that the US is systemically racist “horse manure” and said critical race theory is a race-based type of Marxism on Thursday.

When asked about the argument that America is a “systemically racist nation,” DeSantis responded during a town hall with Fox News host Laura Ingraham that such a claim is “a bunch of horse manure.”

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“Give me a break,” she says. This country has provided more opportunities for more people than any other country in history, regardless of where your ancestors came from,” DeSantis said to cheers from the crowd. “There have been people who have been successful.”

“And here’s the issue with stuff like critical race theory that they’re peddling,” DeSantis added, referring to the divisive academic campaign that some states, like Florida and Idaho, have banned from public schools. “Basically, they’re arguing that all of our institutions are bankrupt and illegitimate.”

“How do you have a culture if anything in it is illegitimate?” says the narrator. DeSantis enquired. “So it’s a very dangerous ideology, and I’d call it a race-based version of Marxist-style ideology. As a result, we have banned it in our Florida schools. We are not going to fund critical race theory, and we prefer to regard people as individuals rather than as members of groups.”


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