Depositions from Georgia Election Workers Shae Moss and Her Mother Ruby Freeman Have Been Delayed

Shaye Moss was subpoenaed in Georgia earlier this month for her efforts in the 2020 race in Fulton County, according to Gateway Pundit.

Shaye Moss made a name for himself by ordering observers to leave the room where votes were counted in Fulton County. Then Shaye and others, including her mother Ruby Freeman and Ralph Jones, dragged ballot boxes from beneath tables and began feeding them into the machines. Ruby Freeman was caught on film many times running the same stack of questionable ballots through the machines.

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Ruby Freeman, Shae’s mother, was also summoned and served with papers to testify.

Last week, Georgia Elections analyst Garland Favorito told TGP reporter Jordan Conradson that the additional motions filed by the Fulton County attorneys to contest the county’s ballot audit would likely postpone Ruby and her daughter’s depositions until the motions were settled.

The depositions of election workers in Fulton County, Georgia, were postponed by a judge on Thursday.

Conservative Brief’s Martin Walsh reported:

In Fulton County, Georgia, a court has agreed to postpone depositions of election workers.

After a lawsuit was filed alleging that thousands of fraudulent ballots were cast there, the election workers were scheduled to give depositions.

According to a filing filed in Fulton County Superior Court, the plaintiffs agreed to allow the depositions to be rescheduled until after a judge holds a hearing on a move to dismiss the lawsuit.

After counsel representing Fulton County authorities sought the court to grant a protective order to postpone the depositions, the petitioners claimed that this arrangement rendered a prior motion by the defense moot…

…Lawyers for the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections filed a last-minute move in court to dismiss the election fraud complaint brought by Garland Favorito and others before the forensic audit begins.


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