Denver Police Officer Is a Crippled invalid After Taking The Mandatory Jab

The officer reluctantly took the COVID Pfizer jab in order to keep his job and support the family… and he was left crippled afterward!

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In a very emotional interview, Denver police officer Jose Manriquez, appearing on Fox News along with his attorney, explains how he reluctantly took the Pfizer COVID-19 shot in order to keep his job, and now can no longer walk by himself.

He is a 34-year-old father of four and a military veteran who had recovered from COVID-19. Before taking the shot, he was in perfectly good health condition, and he was physically active.

“In general, police unions in the U.S. and also in Canada are backing the rights of their officers to refuse to take a COVID-19 shot as a condition of employment.”

John Catanzaro, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, said his group is “100% against mandated vaccines for our members.”

* The Massachusetts State Police Union boss, Michael Cherven, has also stood up for his officers refusing to get the shot, but a judge ruled against their petition, and many officers ending up resigning.

* In Italy, where there have been massive protests against vaccine passports, a group of police officers recently stood down and sided with the protesters.

* In Canada, The RCMP union has stated that they will stand by their officers refusing the shots and fight for their rights to stay employed.

* Even in Australia, where most of the country has become a medical police state ruled by martial law, the Police Commissioner of New South Wales has come forward to state that his officers will refuse to enforce the state’s vaccine passport mandate, and that officers will not be checking people’s vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars.

Hope is around the corner, but we need stronger enforcement and more brave people to oppose the Nazi regime!


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