Biden Denied: 6th Circuit Court Denies His Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit!

One of the biggest and greatest wins for the American people has been granted by a simple denial of a lawsuit.

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The Sixth Circuit Court’s decision to deny Biden’s vaccine mandate lawsuit is going to be an act of violence and justice against the corrupt government, oriented towards the destruction of humanity, and this act will be glorified by many =future history books.

Here’s more from the report published by The Epoch Times.

“Several legal challenges to the OSHA rule were later rolled into one and the Ohio-based Sixth Circuit Court—of which 11 of 16 judges are Republican appointees—was selected via lottery to hear the consolidated lawsuits.

The Biden administration then filed a motion on Nov. 23 to lift the Fifth Circuit’s stay on the mandate and get the case moved to a potentially more favorable court.

The Sixth Circuit Court’s Dec. 3 ruling denied both requests.

Rob Natelson, a former constitutional law professor, wrote in a recent op-ed for The Epoch Times that it’s likely the legal challenge to the OSHA rule will end up before the Supreme Court.

Natelson said the high court will likely weigh several issues relating to the ETS, including whether the mandate exceeds the powers the Constitution grants to the federal government, whether OSHA exceeded its authority under its statute, and if the vaccine-or-test requirement denies individuals due process of law.”

The Fifth Circuit ruling described the OSHA rule as “fatally flawed” and said that the mandate would likely be declared unconstitutional.

Aren’t you just thrilled?

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