Dems Started Blaming Each Other Through Tense Year Of Infighting!

The Dem Party wanted to get behind and help elect an ineffective politician, Joe Biden, as the 46 President of the USA.

After ten months in his presidency, the Dems have begun realizing what they have done. They are nervous because they can’t maintain most of both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections on November 8th, 2022.

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The Dems have a very slim majority, and they are freaked out. One retiring Democrat from the House of Representatives is Johan Yarmuth, the chairman of the House Budget Committee. He stated that America’s democracy freaked him out. He can’t work with the provocateur Rep. Lauren Boebert; he can’t stand her. “She’s a nutjob,” he says.

Rep. David Price decided to retire from Congress next year, and he stated that he had done a poor job governing with inflation soaring and wages declining.

The Dems’ failure to govern has Price feeling that Trump’s party will regain the Congress, which is an alarming prospect for the country.

Rep. John Yarmuth talked to the Post and stated that the party is so fractured that the Dems congressman has come to blows.

Yarmuth allegedly witnessed moderate Rep. John Garamendi and Rep. Mark Pocan in a heated argument that looked like it could end in violence over enacting Biden’s radical agenda.

Biden wants to get more money in the economy while the Americans are becoming poorer.

“John was basically telling Mark to get his head out of his ass,” Yarmuth said of the argument. “He was saying, ‘You’re not accomplishing anything; you’re stupid.’ ”

“The prospect of being in the minority with Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House and Jason Smith as chairman of the Budget Committee — God, I could go down the list — is horrible,” said Yarmuth.

“If what happened in Virginia were to play out nationally, we would lose 44 seats,” Bustos said. “And that’s even before redistricting.”

“The last two years were really, really hard,” she added about the infighting.

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