Dems Aren’t The Only Marjorie’s Target, GOP Is Lashing Out Too.

Marjorie is the best person for D.C.

Since Marjorie is in charge of D.C. and her standards are high.
She is changing all the things in D.C., which annoys everyone.
Also, Marjorie is trying to “adjourn” numerous bills that democrats want to pass, so the House forces a “roll-call” vote.

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It, of course, harms the Democrats and is causing them to lose their bogus bills. But also, this is bothering the GOP members. The constant bill voting is a “pain in the ass.”

Below you can see the report from Hot Air.

While that’s been going on, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been engaged in obstruction of her own. More than once lately she’s forced a floor vote on adjourning the House. That vote is doomed to fail, of course, since Democrats control the majority, but the matter requires House members to carve an hour or so out of their day to go down to the floor and cast their ballot. That means hearings are disrupted and meetings with constituents are delayed — whatever they’re busy doing when Greene makes her demand. The point of this obstruction is … not fully clear. It doesn’t appear aimed at any particular procedural injustice. It’s more a combo of Greene wanting to strike back at Dems for stripping her of her committee assignments and wanting to register her objection to leftism with any tool available.

The problem is that it’s not just Democrats who have to come vote on her motions. Her colleagues in the GOP have to as well. And they’re getting more annoyed by the day,

“It’s frustrating,” said Rep. Fred Upton, a veteran Michigan Republican. “I don’t see that this is resonating at home, the motions to adjourn. I mean it’s just a pain. It’s a pain in the ass.”

“It’s just pissing everyone off,” said one senior House Republican member, asking for anonymity to discuss the matter candidly.

“Tactics without reason, they go nowhere,” said Rep. Buddy Carter, a Georgia Republican. “So you’ve got to have a game plan. You just have to ask about the game plan there.”

Added Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw: “I’m not voting for any more motions to adjourn. These things are the games that both sides play. I’m not a fan of it from either side

We support Marjorie, and we think that she is doing the right thing.

Who cares that those in the Senate have to spend a couple of hours more in the office so they could vote?

That is their job, make it worth the salary you receive!

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