Dems And The Media Are Desperate to Keep Footage Like This From Sarasota Hidden

Democrats and the media want everyone to believe that Joe Biden is the most popular politician in American history.

Joe Biden, who is unsteady, disoriented, and genuinely “out of it,” appears to have received more “legitimate” votes than Barack Obama and Donald Trump, two men who headed global “political movements” that practically swept the globe.

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And what’s even more incredible is that Biden accomplished this so-called heroic act while in his confinement…

Even more incredible was the fact that he accomplished all of this without any “visible” help, either in person or online.

Isn’t it almost as though Joe Biden has 82 million undecided voters?

That’s exactly what they’d like us to believe.

Do you think it’s true?

People may be less willing to buy that story if they see footage like this one from Sarasota.

The line of people expecting to see President Trump at his rally looks like this…

This is, however, the DAY BEFORE THE RALLY.


Even if he was handing out hundred-dollar bills, Joe Biden could get this many people to show up to anything.

Clips like this are a major headache for Democrats and the media…

How is it that the alleged loser has all of the visible support while the alleged winner does not?

As Trump begins his summer of rallies, these are uncomfortable questions that more and more people will be asking…

The media and Democrats will continue to do everything possible to sell these claims.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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