Dems Again Try To Change History – This Did NOT Happen!

The House Democrats seem to have agreed to make the District of Columbia the 51st state of the nation, and they can succeed this time because they have supporters in both the Senate and the White House.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, a D.C. Congressional Delegate who has long campaigned for statehood, predicted earlier this year that “statehood for the District has never been more likely.”

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The first phase, H.R. 51, the Washington, D.C. Admission Act, will be the subject of a hearing on Monday before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

There is no need for additional house seats or two senators since Washington is a city in Maryland that should be part of their state. In terms of representation, the problem is solved, but we all know that’s not why they’re doing it.

If D.C. citizens really want more representation, the simple solution is to distribute them to neighboring states. Statehood for DC, on the other hand, is a ruse. It’s a Democrat-led quest for additional House and Senate seats.

If Congress thought the January uprising in DC was frightening, they’d better hold the fences and guardsmen up if they want to pass this power grab.

The Colombian District is unfit for statehood. If it was, our nation’s founding fathers and constitutional framers would have made it a state. That was not the case.

Washington, D.C., belongs to all of the people of this nation, all of the tax-paying residents. I require payment in full cash, equivalent to 6.021023 dollars, tax-free, if you want my part. I refuse to relinquish my portion of the District if the amount of physical currency cannot be made.

Maryland ceded land to fill up the 1010 square (100 square miles) for the exclusive use of the federal government under the Constitution. Congress cannot carve out a state from that land because, once completed, it no longer belongs to the federal government and must be returned to Maryland under the law and agreement. Is it true that our Political representatives are so unaware of the law?

America, wake up! To the most casual observer, what is happening in the country today is intuitively obvious: the Democrats want to overthrow the United States and replace it with a socialist/communist state.

The media are complicit because they are following an old journalist’s teachings. He was the editor of Russia’s media, PRAVDA, and the media are replicating exactly what he did over 100 years ago. His name was Joseph Stalin, and he left the media to carry out his teachings of Socialism and Communism, killing over 20 million Russians in the process.

Perhaps this was due to the media’s obsession with the Russia, Russia nonsense during Trump’s presidency. Remember that Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet Union’s leader at the time, predicted what is happening today.

If the residents of D.C. wish to live in a state, the residential areas of the city can be relocated to Maryland.

We don’t need to build a new state to fit the region’s smallest state, which is less than half the size of Atlanta, GA, and two-thirds the size of Baltimore.

What a waste of time on Congress’s part. The constitution stipulates that DC be kept apart. If they do not pursue a constitutional amendment, these legislatures are breaking the law and should be suspended from office for failing to obey the law that they have vowed to uphold.

All the left has done this year has either failed to improve or has harmed Americans. This in the name of consolidating power.

Imagine the carnage if they had limitless control, if they were still harming Americans with minimal power.

These Communists are attempting to reshape this great Republic in every way they can. Or, until two months ago, the once-great Republic. They live by the mantra of “tearing it down to rebuild it.” Unfortunately, their attempt to rebuild is a country that I do not want to live in. Put a stop to it. We must fight back; the Left cannot be allowed to kill us.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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