The Democrat “House Majority” Takes Another Major Blow

Democrats are jumping overboard like rats escaping a sinking ship.

As we approach 2022, rumors are circulating that a wave of Democratic Representatives will throw in the towel and retire.

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As a result, there will be a surge of retirements as members in marginal districts look for work in the private sector or compete for higher office. That could result in a record number of open seats to be contested, and Republicans are salivating at the prospect.

“House Democrats are running for the exits because they know their chances of holding the majority are dwindling by the day,” says Tom Emmer, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The Republicans went through a similar experience, but their mass retirement was for a different reason.

They did so to help the Democrats in gaining control of the House of Representatives and impeaching President Trump.

According to PJ Media, Democrats can’t escape the fact that, unless Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, they will almost certainly retake control of the House in 2022.

The establishment of the Republican Party is a cancer. They are just as much of a threat as the Democrats.

If the GOP hadn’t done that, the Democrats would almost certainly never have won the vote.

According to the article, Democratic moderates are already feeling the heat from the party’s Loony Tunes wing, with threats of primary challenges coming at them fast and furious. Many of those moderates are now in swing districts, where Donald Trump won or lost by less than ten points. And, rather than commit political suicide by supporting AOC and Bernie Sanders’ radical agenda, they may flee.

Another explanation why Democrats are eager to stack the Supreme Court and transform DC into a “democracy” is because of this.


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