Democrat Adviser CONFESSED Bad Midterms Are Approaching!

Mark Penn is a professional.

Mark Penn is a professional.

It didn’t come as a surprise that the Dems behave like lemmings. In 1972, 1984, 1988, 2000, 2004, and 2016, Dems had merrily walked over electoral cliffs when they gave their left-wing power over their party. Now, they are doing that again.

Biden is sleeping in the WH while the Sanders admin goes about his job. Even Sanders confessed it would only go on for two years until the midterms.

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Mark Penn explained everything.

“Democrats will face a “devastatingly bad” midterm election cycle if President Biden doesn’t shift away from his party’s left-wing flank and its demands, a top adviser to Bill Clinton told Fox News in an interview.”

“The Biden administration has been seen as too far to the left, and the Democratic Party has been seen as too far to the left,” Mark Penn stated.

“I think unless the Democrats change course here and move more towards the center, these trends indicate a devastatingly bad midterm election for Democrats. Even though I think there have been signs for the last couple of months that people see the left of having too much influence in the Democratic Party, the Biden administration has remained on course and hasn’t made any shifts,” Penn added.

“When I worked with President Clinton, it took the ’94 congressional elections to serve as a wake-up call, and President Clinton moved from – kind of – working with the left, to working with the center. I don’t think we’re going to see that come out of president Biden right now, that may – like President Clinton – take a strong message in the midterms for that to happen,” he continued.

Recently he commented:The president seems to be pouring gasoline on his own fire here because the ratings keep going down. There’s been really no progress by the administration in any of the major issues, and the most important thing is the economy, which is the number two issue after the virus. Really, the president has taken a huge slide here. I think the public sees [the Build Back Better plan] as enormous taxing and spending, and I think this bill adds, as I said, more gasoline to the fire that we see going on here — on the issues of immigration, crime, inflation, economy, deficit, and foreign policy. That’s why these ratings are well underwater.

If the president is not having successful ratings on key issues like the economy, national security, and things fundamental, like gasoline prices and food prices, that’s going to have an enormous effect [on elections]. Look, right now, unless the administration changes course here or in a lot of the things it’s doing, it’s headed for a pretty gruesome Midterms, and I think they know it.”

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