Dem Group Claims: Low-Income Voters Helped Biden Won The Swing States!

IN 2020 President Trump had more votes than any other sitting president in history. He increased his vote totals by 12 million votes from 2016 to 2020. Biden won a record low number of countries in the US, but he was declared the winner only with 16%.

Trump was better.

** President Trump won more Hispanic votes.
** President Trump won more female votes.
** Trump won more black votes.
** President Trump won more gay votes.
** President Trump won more immigrant votes.

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But, Biden somehow, via fraud, didn’t campaign and can’t put a sentence together, won the election with 81 million votes.

He can’t gather more than 20 people at his rally across the USA.

The Democrats used several means to get illegal votes in a few states. We saw counting ballots behind closed doors and bringing endless piles of ballots a couple of days after the election. The Republicans were expelled from the counting rooms etc.

Now we have another clue.

The Huffington Post credited low-income voters for making Biden win. It is highly suspicious because Trump was connected to the working class just like no one has ever been.

If you go outside the city in any state, you can see Trump’s flags. The working-class people love Trump.

These voters have increased incomes by 10 % while Trump was in office.

The original report was released by the Poor People’s Campaign, a radical left group promoting Marxism.

In the report, you can read that the authors claim the low-income voters gave Biden a win. And that’s nonsense.

More importantly, the author claims that the low-income voters appeared in droves for Biden in the swing states.

The low-income voters have 35% of the total percent of the US voters. In the battleground states, the low-income voters have a huge percentage of the total votes counted.

We have to expose everything so the people can see it!

The Gateway Pundit scribd huff post

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