Defense Sec Says Goal Is For “Weakened” Russia

Defense Secretary of State Lloyd Austin said that “one of the aims of the U.S. response to the Ukraine issue is to diminish Russia’s ability to carry out future military acts like to the now three-month-old invasion of Ukraine.”

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The Austin team did the highest US-made visit to Ukraine, since the start of the conflict, which required a lot of planning and precaution measures.

In Poland, where Mr. Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed early Monday after traveling by rail to Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, Mr. Austin told reporters: “We want to see Russia degraded to the degree that it cannot do the types of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.”

Upon returning to Poland, Blinken said, “We rode a train into Kyiv from southwest Poland, so [we] didn’t see a lot besides staring out the train windows on our way in.” Our first stop was the presidential palace in the city of Kyiv. We met with President Zelenskyy and his senior staff for almost three hours. The main purpose of our visit was to see this.”

“We were able to show our strong support for the government of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in person,” Mr. Blinken said. We thought this was a good time to be there and have detailed face-to-face talks with each other.

A lot of time was spent talking to Mr. Zelenskyy about “President Biden’s plan to nominate Ambassador Bridget Brink as a new ambassador to Ukraine,” said the man.

“When it comes to Russia’s goals for the war, they aren’t working out.” It looks like Ukraine is doing well, the secretary of state told us.

As its main goal, Russia has tried to completely rule over Ukraine. It has tried to get rid of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence. That hasn’t worked.

t made headlines before the Blinken-Austin visit when Mr. Zelenskyy said the US officials should not show up “empty-handed,” which made a lot of people angry.

“We don’t just want gifts or cakes. We want more.” In response to Kiev’s repeated requests for heavy weapons like long-range air defense systems and warplanes since the invasion began, the Ukrainian president said, “We are looking for specific things and specific weapons. This is what we are looking for.”

Adding $800 million in aid “allows us to provide five battalions of 155 Howitzers and many, many rounds of artillery.”

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