Debunked: The Italian Photo That Scared Everyone, Sparking Lockdowns at Beginning of COVID

Let’s rewind back a little bit. Videos and news reporting people “dropping like flies” in the streets, foaming at the mouth, and being shot and killed by doctors as they tried to flee Wuhan went mega-viral all over the internet.

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After the China videos fizzled out, a fresh wave of videos and images started coming out of Italy, as the Italians suffered under a COVID nightmare.

One image in particular really put the fear of God into everyone.

It was a photo of a huge warehouse-like room filled with coffins. The photo was labelled “Bergamo, 2020.”

Well, the thing we didn’t know back then is that they were totally 100% FAKE.

“That was not a giant warehouse filled with coffins for COVID victims in Bergamo Italy, as we were told. It was actually a photo from 2013 in Lampedusa, Italy.”

They were the coffins of 100+ migrants who drowned in a shipwreck off the Italian island of Lampedusa in October 2013.

These images were the base of the lockdown mandates, mask mandates, and fueled the fear that gave politicians and so-called “experts” the okay to move forward with tyrannical agendas.

And they’ve been debunked.

And do you think there is going to be some sort of investigation? Some legal methods?

Nope! It’s simply because the government is the culprit!

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