Deaths Among Teen Have 47% Increase In The UK Since The Start Of Applying C-19 Vaccines!

According to the investigation of official ONS and NSH data, we can conclude that the C-19 vaccine caused an increase in deaths by 47% among teenagers.

The JCVI released an independent report to the UK Government on July 15, 2021, and shared that youngsters at the age of 12+ underlie health conditions should get the C-19 vaccine.

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In the same report, we can read: ‘JCVI has previously advised COVID-19 vaccination of all adults aged 18 years and over in the UK, and vaccination of some specific groups under the age of 18 years.

We can’t know for sure when the advice was released, but the report also stated: ‘young people aged 16 to 17 years of age who are at higher risk of serious COVID-19, as currently set out in the Green Book, should continue to be offered COVID-19 vaccination’.

Official NHS data found in ‘Covid-19 weekly announced vaccinations July 01, 2021 – revised’ shows that from December 08, 2020, to June 27, 2021, 147,123 people under 18 had received at least one dose of the shot.

From the data, we can confirm that data shared by the NHS prior to this don’t include the group of people under 18, so we can assume that the week of June 20-27 was the first week that thousands of under 18 are begun getting the C-19 vaccine, and it wasn’t according to the advice that JCVI gave for this age.

We saw the look at ONS data on deaths registered every week and know that we have had an uptick in deaths in people from 15 to 19 since the start of the C-19 vaccination.

The 2020 edition of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales shows that from June 26 and September 18, we have 148 deaths among 15-19 year-olds.

The 2021 editions of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales’ share that from June 25 to September 17, we have 217 deaths among the same generations.

From June 19 to September 17, 2021, the number of deaths among teens experienced an increase of 47%.
The ONS investigation shared more concerns about C-19 deaths in people from 15 to 19.

The same 2021 ONS dataset shared that teens started getting the vaccines, and we experienced an increase in death among these generations.

The problem we now face is that approximately three million children over the age of 12 are currently being offered the Covid-19 vaccine, with many reportedly already having had it since the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, overruled the JCVI and advised the UK Government to offer all children over twelve the Covid-19 injection on September 13, 2021.

Time will tell us all the consequences and what else we are going to see.

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